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public infrastructural works, highways, metro, railways and related services

The company

INC SpA is considered one of Italy’s most important companies. A report by Italy’s most prestigious industry weekly publication (“Edilizia & Territorio”) classed the company in the segment of leading infrastructural construction firms.

Through the SIS Permanent Consortium INC SpA has contributed to realising some significant public works contracts in Italy such as: Macrolot 2 of the Salerno-Reggio Calabria motorway, the Palermo Rail Hub, and the Pedemontana Veneta toll highway for an overall contractual value in excess of 3,500 mln Euro.

INC operates in Italy and abroad, through organisationally and fiscally independent business units under the technical direction and supervision of the central office staff, which allows the company to exploit the extraordinary technical know-how accrued over decades of experience, and give all the works it is commissioned to build an indelible mark of reliability, safety and cutting-edge technology.

In compliance with the exceptionally high quality requirements of our orders, all working processes are subject to constant monitoring and audit by external and independent bodies. Our compliance with all quality, environmental and health&safety requirements is guaranteed by the certification and accreditations granted by those authorities and bodies for the respective areas of our operations. All this to guarantee our customers the highest industrial standards.

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