Design and construction management.

High level of eco-expertise in infrastuctural and civil design

INSECO M&C Engineering is a complex organization with the vocation of maintaining a high level of expertise in eco-sustainable solutions and transferring this body of knowledge in the design and construction of infrastructural and civil works in the international arena.

Leadership  in energy-efficient works

By its network of companies producing environmentally friendly materials and partners dealing with green economy, INSECO M&C Engineering aims to be a leader in the design and construction of well-being and energy-efficiency in every fields of constructions.


INSECO M&C Engineering is part of the INSECO Group that it has a strong international vocation –>

The INSECO Group organization manages worldwide the promotion of the ability of INSECO M&C Engineering in designing  and constructing infrastructural and civil works that can achieve the most high levels certification in environmental sustainability and energy saving (LEED validation).

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