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to become a global and irreplaceable partner in the world of Engineering

The company

SIPAL today is a rapidly expanding company.

Having always operated in the Engineering sector, in which it can count on its now historic expertise in the field of Integrated Logistics Support, SIPAL today is capable of approaching both the civil and the military markets thanks to its deeply felt vocation to design and a team 90% made up of engineering graduates and highly specialized professionals.

With a constantly increasing turnover, and the support of a Group that handles a business volume of around 240 million Euro, SIPAL offers itself as a solid and reliable partner.

SIPAL soon began offering a full range of Logistics Support service to the leading players in Aerospace and Defence and right from the start acquired all the security clearance necessary to operate at the highest levels of secrecy.

SIPAL today is a dynamic company with roots sunk deep in the past but projected toward the future, and fully aware that its strength and ability to take on the challenges of every new day comes only from the commitment of all the people involved in it.

According to the high quality requirements of our orders, our work processes are subject to constant checks by external and independent bodies. Confirmation of compliance with specific quality requirements is granted in the form of certifications and accreditations for their respective application areas. All this to guarantee our customers the highest industry standards.

web site: http://www.sipal.it

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